At Home in the Self

As some of you know, I am not writing on Facebook for now. In fact, I am writing less than I have in a long time. The simple reason is that I have been doing this for 15 years and it is time for me to reboot myself. I have been advised to give to myself first. So less online time for me.

As far as books are concerned, I am at work on a new one. When it will be finished is anyone’s guess. Sometimes I enjoy working on it, but most of the time it is uphill all the way. To write in the moment is unfettered joy. To put a book together is mostly hell. And to sell one is even worse. So I pick up the threads and weave essays together when I feel in the mood. Yesterday was a great day for it, so I was quite optimistic.

I want to give my readers the feeling of intimacy and immediacy when they read a book of mine. Lord knows they come straight from the horse’s mouth. More than that, I cannot say.

I made my weekly trip to the grocery today. Just had a cup of coffee with half a slice of German Chocolate cake. So good it defies description. So good I licked the fork and as a vain afterthought, licked the plate. Tonight it will be fresh salmon.

Rob helped me straighten out some technical issues. My caller I.D. was on the fritz; turns out it needed new batteries. And then he showed me how to find the Enter key on my Roku remote. It is nice to be at the age where you are legitimately stumped by technology. But don’t underestimate me, I have grown far deeper and richer in other areas. No, not my waistline, silly. I know more and more about how little I know or even need to know. My intuitive powers are increasing and my ability to trust my own estimation of things.

Here is the bottom line about being online. Real life never happens at the keyboard. It only seems to. In fact, real life is real love and that is how it should be forever and ever, amen.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. “real life IS real love ” yes, very REAL!!! Your words are clearly active in the now, immediate like a deep breath of mountain air. A real subtle loud voice in the wilderness… Thank-you, Vicki for this taste of real life, AND real love <3 inspiration!


  2. That sounds good Vicki, a reboot often cleans up the muddle that really needs organized as I tend to deny it needs to be taken back to the beginning. I say that more to address my own mess at least I have taken baby steps to reorganize. There is a sense of companion ship, you have Vernon Howard as an anchor for me it is Richard Rose as I now communicate with his daughter and try to deal with the present rather than the past. So here we are now and I am learning to be thankful to go on.


    1. We both had teachers that demanded much, always more than anyone could give. In other words, surrender was the only option. Today’s online proponents of advaita pretty much say they know and can do. Reality knows better.


  3. Im happy to read your blogs, here or on Facebook. Sometimes you need to relax into your self. Facebook is a thief. It robs one of the present moment. So happy though for having been the vehicle that brought me to you and your wonderful books.


    1. You are right about FB, Eldonna. No one wants to see it. There is a fear of reprisal operating on some deep level. Just as people fear to say negative things, even if they are true. We are being brainwashed into never admitting we have flaws. What a sad time we live in.


  4. Great Vicki!

    I was sitting quietly yesterday and realised I need to take even more time off-line too and step

    back from the daily news.

    The world will always be the world.

    Suddenly, I thought of you and realised that you were spending more time being quiet too.

    Synchronous silence….

    It feels good. xx


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