Escape From Time and Space


Like Houdini, escape from time and space. If you are asking how, why not ask when? And I will say if time is an illusion, so is everything else! Now there are no excuses from losing like there is no tomorrow, because there isn’t. If time is an illusion, yesterday, today and tomorrow have no meaning to your eternal nature.

Now don’t leave yet! You have suffered from the illusion since you popped out of the birth canal. Okay, some of you were born by C-section or had a forceps delivery, my bad. But any way you got here, there is no here or there. This is turning into a comedic interpretation of the words of a conscious man, one Jesus Christ, but so be it. He told us his kingdom was not of this world and it was spread upon the earth and it was in heaven. No wonder logic can’t do the job. As Patricia sun said, “Logically, it was over last week.”

So here we are, both here and not here. Loving and hating. Losing and winning. Weeping and laughing. And the Bible says love, lose and weep. If you doubt that, remember the Bible says that Jesus wept. Period. End of sentence. The shortest verse in the Bible.

You can laugh, be merry, etc. but tomorrow you shall die. And yet we are above both life and death, so what difference does it make? If you are like me and have lost a child, it makes a big difference. But my task on this earth is to dismantle the untruths and abide in the light.

Jesus said if we make our beds in hell, He is there with us. So that is how we progress through this planetary kindergarten. We remember that the Christ Consciousness cannot be separate from us. We are it. We are Him. We are Her. We are it all.

There are loaves and fishes enough to feed everyone when the miracle consciousness is upon us. Never doubt the seeming lies that Jesus tells or the magic acts that he performs. Oh, yeah, many said He lied when He spoke of His Heavenly Father. It is up to you to know the difference between life and death. And the only way you will know is to be dead and wait on God to resurrect you. The third day, when time and space cease to exist, the kingdom of heaven will open to you. And if not, God will still be with you in hell until it does. Heaven always wins.

Vicki Woodyard

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