Destiny, Part II

I wrote a oneliner which says, “Embrace your destiny and see what happens next.” And you can take that any way you like, but let’s look at it from the highest level. In my case, this lifetime has been about loss and trying to come to terms with it. Most of the time it is one step forward and two steps back. That is true for us all. No one wins in this world; there is just the apparent loss and the apparent win. But ultimately we give it all back at the end. We come from earth and we end in earth. Heaven is far beyond the mortal body and its bucket-loads of sin.

Who is it that forgives us? The part of us that is not involved in our earthly lives. The part of us that is divine. And divinity has its safeguards. It will not be polluted by earthly concerns. As I have written before, God puts the answers on a higher shelf that the ego can reach. So we live by faith if we have any sense at all.

Love is who we are and who we are is so high above this earthly life that there is no comprehension of it. Here an “oy vey” would be appropriate. The modern interpreters of non-duality have turned the sacred into something less than the best. I look at the hundreds of books for sale on amazon and am amazon-ized into believing there is something between their covers that only the author knows. I am guilty of the same thing. I have written 3 books in which truth cannot be conveyed. We are all frauds and liars when it comes to explaining heaven to mortals. And I must repeat this known fact: The attraction is so great that most preachers and gurus sleep with their students, both male and female. Attractive authors sell more books, too. We like our spirituality young and dewy-eyed, not old and wise.

I have gotten way off-track here, another destined fact about humanity. The straight and narrow way is outre. We want it now! And apparently we want a drone to deliver it. Well, calm down. That is already happening. But who wants to embrace a drone?

I know what you are thinking and I am one step behind you. Thank God! The brightest bulb in the Christmas display did not have a thing on the star in the east.

Vicki Woodyard

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  1. RIGHT ON VICKI!!! Gurus who express spiritual gifts now may need to top up later… Who’s to say who holds the keys to heaven?Unless we all get to go, nobody’s going..we build up that which is necessary.. When our cross becomes visible… We lay down then…gurus just can’t really get us really there!


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