Choose to love yourself….

There is a difference in writing here on my blog and on Facebook. It flows easier on Facebook. I think that is because I get instant feedback. Here, I just get read at leisure.

What can I tell you? I just ate bacon, egg and toast? That the sink is now full of greasy dishes?

That I wonder what it’s all about, ultimately.

That no one knows; one can only surmise. Can only go by “feel.”

Last night our next-door neighbors to the left stopped by to say goodbye. They are moving into a condo closer to their daughter’s school. Even though I seldom saw them, I will miss them. There is little neighborhood interaction in America. And much loneliness.

Holidays are always lonely for me. I don’t understand why they take so long!

I went to the library yesterday and came home with 8 books. Wow. But most of them I won’t read. I will just stick with the ones that I find interesting.

Life is like that. There is never enough time and at the same time, far too much of it.

Once you learn to live in paradox, perhaps that is as close to paradise as we get here on earth.

I write because I don’t know what else to do at the moment. That is reason enough and no reason at all.

But love is always unreasonable, so let us pray that we shall each discover it when the time is right and the time is always right.

If no one else loves you, love yourself and see if that makes a difference.

Vicki Woodyard

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