Cohencentric is the website of Allan Showalter. It has given me countless hours of pleasure; to wit, following the life and times of Leonard Cohen. Allan is willing to be ridiculous in the name of love. He has no shame whatsoever when it comes to embarrassing himself by punning, rhyming, whatever it takes to keep us delighted in Leonard Cohen.

Many of you who read me are also Cohen fans. Leonard is a man that instructs instinctively by his demeanor and his output of work. Allan is willing to trudge endlessly through the mass of Cohencentric information to keep us informed of him.

There is no difference in Leonard and his work. When love operates one’s life, the lies are seen through and the merchants banished from the temple. All that remains is love.

So I am grateful to Leonard Cohen and to Allan for keeping us in good supply of what we need to know about our man.

Bookmark his site or follow him on Twitter. Cohen sightings are sure to turn up there.


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