Writing Bigger Than The Sky

It takes an awful lot of work to produce a good book. And I will speak personally. The first thing I did about two years ago was have a feeling that it was time to write a third book. So I went through my files and pulled together my first attempt at a manuscript. I asked my friend Hilary Starke to take a look at it.

Her opinion was that I had the beginnings of a book. After some discussion, she commented that my writing came alive when I wrote about my friend Peter. So I went through the material that I had written on Peter and wove them in with his emails to me over a period of five or six years. I had suffered a computer crash and lost a good many of them, so each email was precious.

She liked what I did, so I begin to take a look at it more carefully. I asked myself, “What are your best contributions to this book?” And of course, answers don’t come right away. In fact, the more you work on a book, the worse it gets. As someone said, “At some point in writing a book, the wheels come off.” Indeed, they do.

I got in touch with Catherine Noyce at Non-Duality Press and asked if she would take a look at what I had written so far. Wonderfully, she didn’t delay too long before replying that both she and her husband Julian (they are the co-owners of the company), liked it very much.

So now I went to work on an even deeper level. I had worked on it in the beginning stages with Hilary and now I would work with Catherine on the next part of the editing. She had her own vision and questions for me.

It would be over a year before Bigger Than The Sky came out in paperback and as an ebook. A cover photo had to be chosen and that takes time. I had to ask a few fellow authors if they would take the time to read it and write a review or blurb for me. And in between, I read it and read it and read it and read it. I am quite happy with how it turned out. There may be one or two errors, but I challenge you to find them they are so small.

If you haven’t ordered a copy, please consider doing so. Every order puts me closer to being able to begin a fourth book. You see, writers don’t make money on books. They make money on seminars and things like that. And I don’t do seminars. I am pretty much living a quiet life, much of it in silence. My passion at this point in my life is to continue to write as well as I can about my favorite subject in the world. In a word, that would be awakening. Peter turned the key for me to a new way of life. He will for you, too.

Vicki Woodyard

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