The Eternal Journey

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I am busy boxing up CDs to give away. As I do, I pick out the ones I might like to keep. The one I chose today is the one I bought and played in Bob’s hospice room. His consciousness was already traveling, but it was a help to me after he died. Why? Because it was the last music we heard while in the same room. It helped me resolve the fact that his physical body had died.

Piano plays in the background while a lovely voice recites verses from the Bible. All designed to comfort the listener. It may sound trite, but it is quite lovely. Very firm in its intention to heal the one in need of solace.

As I lay on the bed and listened, I also heard the voices of the young hawks talking to each other. Life goes on and we with it, for we are it. Death is but a transition point on the eternal journey.

Vicki Woodyard

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