“Darkness, Meet the Light….”

fleeing woman
“Darkness, meet the Light.” This is an introduction that the darkness in us never recognizes. Because if it did, it would gladly embrace it. That is sadly not the case. For we think the light has something to take from us that we would gladly give if we could.

The darkness is our wrong idea that we will be hurt if we go about this world unprotected by our defense mechanisms. And they were set up so early that we have no idea how to dismantle them. So they continue to wreck us for the rest of our lives unless we are bent on experiencing our own resurrection. And we can’t make that happen either.

So what we have is an ego journey in which we are not packed with the right provisions. We are told to love our enemies but we can’t. We can only hate them and pretend to love them. So the ego becomes a very good actor or actress. Only our pets keep us sane. They give us the unconditional love we all want so desperately. Of course, we can’t give it, either. So the crazy dance goes on. Always changing partners, always partners stepping on our toes.

If we have the grace to meet a true teacher, this can all change. For a true teacher pins us skillfully to the mat time and time again. They rub our noses in our mistakes. They hit us with a rolled up newspaper. You get the idea. But we are so slow to learn. And what is it that we fight so desperately about learning where our true power lies?

For me, sorrow led me to the teacher. He told me I was not in right relationship with myself. This was told to me in a dream. It was symbolic and I had no idea how to interpret it. I was in an elevator and a guide took us to the ground floor and then told us to look up. Then she said, “These two planets are not in right relationship to each other.” And I woke up.

Now at an advanced age, ha ha, I am beginning to put the pieces of the puzzle together. My defense mechanisms can be seen through and not reactivated. Because the pearl of great price has been skillfully hidden in my heart. Yes. And when I remember this, I am saved again and again. I am protected from the world’s persistent attacks on me. They will continue to come, but I can remember that they are not real. And yes, darkness loves to attack the light. All the light has to do is shine.

Vicki Woodyard

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