A Rose in Snow


Never let your own soul knowing die.~ Vicki Woodyard

The well within can run quite dry.
A suspicious look, a doubting eye.
And suddenly we have a cry.
But this moisture cannot fill the well.
Something’s wrong but who
can tell?

We cloud it over with a smile,
and yet we feel it all the while.
The doubt caused by another man
who seems to have a different plan.

Your inner compass, always true,
now makes you doubt that you can do
the things that feel so right until
this sudden inner blight.

Never doubt your own north star.
Always follow who you are.
Never follow doubt and pain
until you’re sure of home again.

Home is where your own soul blooms
because you always give it room.
This rose, this blossom in the snow,
is the only sacred way to go.

Vicki Woodyard

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