Happy Spring

Yellow Warbler in a Thicket
I had a restless night. My heart was racing like crazy and my dreams reflected it. I was trying to walk home and got lost in the neighborhood. I stopped and asked if I could borrow someone’s phone. She gave me an old-fashioned contraption that I didn’t know how to work. And I tried to use a phone number that began with letters. I gave up and begin trying to get home all over again.

This morning when I got on the scales I had gained over three pounds! Undoubtedly the new restaurant I had lunch in overdid the sodium in everything. I couldn’t have gotten a ring on my finger if I tried. So today is a low-salt, low-calorie day for me.

It’s gonna be hot so I will probably try to work at cleaning up the garage a bit. I have several bags and boxes of donations that will be picked up on Tuesday. This whole business of moving freaks me out big-time. It may or may not happen. Right now the male cardinal is saying “Chirp, chirp, chirp” in an in-your-face kind of way. He is owning it, folks. He is owning it. Why can’t we be more like that?

The spring greenery is shocking the dull earth into awakening. The weeds have already overtaken what used to be a sedate bed of pine straw with some Lenten Roses tucked in. Now it is shouting in all sorts of weedy language. To bend over and pull a few handfuls out is to be mocked by the sheer acreage of it. I never get the job done. At some point I will cave in and hire someone to bring in tons of fresh pine straw to cover the weeds up. For now they will be tolerated.

Frankly, it is one step forward and two steps back. Spring invites, excites and then makes you too pooped to pop. The sky is not uncertain about anything. It doesn’t get tired of emptiness. It isn’t afraid of awareness and what it might do. Oh, don’t tell me you don’t get spooked by the very idea of awakening to what is. It’s not all beer and skittles, for sure. I have known it to be constipation, diarrhea, vomiting and screaming. And that before we left the station. Oh, Vicki, can’t you ever write something without going all dramatic? Ha ha ha ha ha.

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