The Intention To Fly

We danced that night in a shower of light.
Winging, alate, we touched the borders
of possibility then flew across.

Mercury-like we landed atop a mountain
of bliss, flinging shards of suffering into
the wind.

Back home we were burnished with
a patina of patience that had not been
there before.

Who knows what beauty arises when
the intention is greater than the sum
of its parts?

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Thanks again. I love your poetry. I know poetry is less marketable than other writing forms, but you really strike chords of resonance over and over again. Who knows… And on another note, I want to share that I am near completion of my book on Restorative Yoga. Following in your footsteps, I will be self publishing, probably through Createspace. I’m wondering if you have any red flags to wave as I make my way through this incredible maze of a process… Blessings!


    1. Thank you, Nancy. Congratulations on your book. I have lots of red flags to wave, all involving not expecting too much 🙂 I keep thinking being a good writer is enough when marketing is the only way to sell what you have written. And I hate marketing. So there you go. I must let go of all expectations and let it go. Just do your best and expect the lessons to begin. Seriously, writing a book requires an astounding commitment of time and even money. People these days have no time to read books. They want it all condensed into Twitterese.


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