Have you noticed?….

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Have you noticed?

That your fear of saying what you want or need feels too scary to voice?

That the very saying of it arouses great fear in you?

And for good reason.

Contemplate how people mechanically argue against what you want or need.
(This is simply how the law of opposites operates in this world.)

That the world is a mechanical force that can only be overcome by your own conscious presence in it without resistance?

That whenever a celebrity shares their generosity it is suspect? And that you dare not say it, but that you have “heard” that the poor we will always have with us. And that if they were really good, they wouldn’t be assuaging their guilt with massive donations of money. And that it doesn’t help?

That living your own life and being true to yourself requires giving up yourself? Because we are not talking about the ego but the surrender of ego.

That being online is addictive and little truth seeps through the screen. Ponder why this is so, using “the lowest common denominator” as part of your meditation.

That the most important thing in the world happens when you do one true thing. And that you can’t do it until you are ready to face the consequences it will bring.

Vicki Woodyard

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