The Next Wave of Wisdom

“I tried to discover, in the rumor of forests and waves, words that other men could not hear, and I pricked up my ears to listen to the revelation of their harmony.”
― Gustave Flaubert, November

The next wave of wisdom is gathering power far out in the oceanic realms of grace. When the tsunami hits, it will not be anything but good.

After my husband died, we returned home from his funeral one day before the tsunami hit. Life was changed forever for me and the tsunami was symbolic of that.

Here is what I feel and it may or may not resonate with you. We are in the last days of YouTube Teachers and Students. They are becoming dinosaurs of duality. They speak of nonduality on a dual platform and it is collapsing. And that is a good thing.

Here is how the next wave will go. Each person will have had enough of mental teachings. They have proven to be lies and empty promises for they are not on the level that the next wave will bring in.

The law of levels is absolute. One must leave the old to find the new. And it isn’t mental. No matter how many Joel Goldsmiths there are, few of them manage to penetrate the resistance of the human ego.

The human ego is the cockroach of the planet; you can’t wipe it out. I joke a bit, just enough that the Pollyana types will cry foul and insist we are good in our intentions. Could be, but the world is too much with us, as Wordsworth said. The virtual world is now predominant. It is sleek, materialistic and unproductive to the soul.

In between the opposites is where we will all go to die in order to be reborn. We will do this one soul at a time. And there will be no choice in this. When it is your turn, the good news will be spoken into your ear.

All we have to do to bring the next wave in is to listen to the silence.

That is what we are.

The next wave will be within. Amen.

Vicki Woodyard
Author, Bigger Than The Sky


  1. Yes, that resonates. Just last week I went through my FB and unfollowed some “teachers” I had been following for a while. Today, i usually go to the Zen Center to hear the Dharma Talk they hold each Sunday morning, but I am so sick of words, words, words and verbal teachings, so I took a walk by the river and listened to the teachings of birds and flowing water.


    1. This is where I am. I can no longer attend talks of any kind. They may be good, they may be true. I have just had enough.
      I go to Tai Chi and kirtans where there is chanting that brings one to silence.


      1. Maybe years ago, before internet, TV, radio, and high speed communication there was a book or two read here and there or something said between people. I’ve heard that zen students used to see a Zen Master once every couple years where they’d be given a Koan to work on. These days information is force-fed at lightening speed. I have access to a Zen Master every week if I want and constant dharma teaching input via internet. Crazy. Too much, too fast.


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