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I’m guessing a handful of people over the globe have ordered and read Bigger Than The Sky: A Radical Awakening, by now. It came out in September, 2014, but the distributor let the paperback fall between the cracks and sales suffered as a result.

I thought I would tell you a bit more about Peter, who features in the book. Jerry Katz knew him before I did, because he and a group of friends founded sentient.org. It was, according to Jerry, perhaps the first spiritual site to discuss nonduality. Peter did not disclose his name, nor did any of the other members of the group. It was obvious that a deep love of truth was enough to sustain them.

It was through Jerry Katz’ Nonduality Salon Yahoo list that I met Peter. He had posted something about illness and nonduality. I emailed him and said, “It sounds like you might be sick yourself.” And therein began a friendship that lasted for years. We wrote each other regularly. I always felt that he was the one giving to me.

We talked of what was happening in our lives. There was little speculation because Peter knew that he was dying and he also knew that he had given up all preferences in favor of life itself. For him, suffering happened and it did not dampen his spirits.

I, however, was experiencing grief at seeing my husband in a long slow decline. His disease was multiple myeloma and he had been given less than 3 years to live. As Peter said to me, “For what it’s worth, I hold your hand in this.”

I have one photo of him that I got from my Mac a long time ago. He sent it with a picture of his cat, Alex. I posted the one of Alex but didn’t want to risk breaking his privacy by posting the photo of him in a baseball cap. Then my Mac crashed and it is lost forever except for a printout I have of it. He was, as he said, “a handsome man.” If I ever get around to it, I will ask someone with a scanner to scan it and email it to me and I will post it. He probably doesn’t care at this point. (smile).

I also have the wonderful clip of him playing his penny whistle. That is on Soundcloud and many of you have listened to it.

So I am rambling on about Peter and the wonderful book that no one is buying. Maybe the tide will turn and it will catch on. Maybe then I can write another book. I pray so. Please share this with your friends and help me get the word out. Each sale counts and hearts open after reading the book.


Here is the ordering link!

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  1. Hello to my new best friend. I also live in Atl. And love to join in the Truth of who we aren’t. I’m going to order the “book” and maybe we’ll have the opportunity to discuss the “Oneness “


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