Nothing is for sale….

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“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.”
― Alexander Pope

Apparently nothingness is a hard concept to grasp and it has never sold well. But you are in luck. You can now have your own box of nothingness shipped to you immediately if not sooner. Order now and receive the gift of nothingness the same day you lust for it.

The box is who you are and emptiness is just the free gift packed inside. Some people cannot believe their good luck in winning the lottery of love, but it is all around us and inside of us and spewing all over idiots that shake up the can and then pull the tab. But that’s another story.

The nothingness is simply a by-product. Like happiness, sometimes it is there and sometimes it isn’t. But this box comes with a lifetime guarantee of nothing always being nothing. And you have to pay more for this in Canada. Someone said that life isn’t fair and they were probably Canadian.

Order now and become nothing special upon receipt of your order.

*Product may settle or shift when shipped. Nothingness is like that. If you notice cellulite around your hips after using the product, think nothing of it. It is nothing that has settled around you like a mess of turnip greens when cooked long hours over slow heat except it is not green and it is odorless unless you wear cheap cologne. And I can sell you some of that, too.

Vicki Woodyard


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