T’is the season….

My house looks like a battle ground. This virus started slowly on Thursday. I was not even sure if it would develop past a sore throat. But I got some Coricidin and Delysm to have on hand. Sure enough, that evening, it moved deeper into my chest. Women of a certain age know this…a hard cough means 100% chance of pee. And when the vomiting and fever started, the siege was in full sway.

On Saturday in the middle of the night, I tried to get as far as the kitchen but my body was suddenly so heavy that I had to drop to the floor. At some point I got back into bed. The next morning Rob said I had a large scratch on my face. I told him about almost fainting and having to crawl back to bed. He winced.

Whew. So it finally ran its course yesterday but I left with zero energy, I have a deficit, having not taken any food for 2 days.

My nightstand has water, cola, thermometer. The kitchen counter is littered with tylenol, drinks, paper cups and other markers for a virus hitting hard.

T’is the season!


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  1. Wishing your full strength to return right away. I can’t bear to imagine you being so sick and vulnerable. Praying for peace for you through this Christmas week and always. Sending all the love I have…


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