Waking Up

“He is your friend who pushes you nearer to God.”
― Abraham Kuyper

We live in a society of automatons, programmed to live within our own capsule. Here we think only of ourselves. However, when we see another automaton approaching, we are programmed to act as if we cared. In fact, the approach of another human being makes the muscles clench in fear. Just for automatons to sit next to each other is quite stressful.

If we are lucky, or graced, we may sense the truth of the above paragraph. We know that something is missing in the machinery. It just doesn’t feel right. Automatically we conceal this knowledge—first from ourselves, then from others. The Robot Race is a canny one.

I had the good fortune of finding a teacher that told the truth. He pointed outside the window of the classroom, saying, “See those people? They are dead.” This is the beginning of the end of the robotic reactionary way of life. This is esoteric Christianity.

The next step is that you discover that knowing you are a robot doesn’t make you real. You find yourself reenacting the same old battles with other robots, in spite of your best intentions to be conscious. One must pay a price to be conscious. Otherwise, we would be in a world of robots pretending to be real, which is a state worse than the first.

What we have to do is endure unto the end. We have to become witnesses to our daily failings. 
Go through your day experiencing every useless thought and emotion is the way that Mr. Howard put it. It isn’t easy, but now you have had a glimpse of truth.

What does this have to do with the holidays? Everything and nothing. The Christ Consciousness came down from the level of the sun to bring light to this dark planet. If we want it, we must pay with our lives. We must begin to see clearly and that alone is enough to change us over the course of a lifetime.

I write about things I do not yet fully understand. But even that is better than a total lie. This is not a feel-good essay but a clarion call to scrounge around for a bit of grace in your life. If you find it, just say hallelujah or thank you and pass it along. You never know when the next robot is about to choose to wake up.

Vicki Woodyard

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