A Book For Your Christmas Stocking

“Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.”
― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Put a little book in your stocking. It’s called Bigger Than The Sky. I was making a list of what brought me joy and I found myself putting down “selling my books.” It takes lots of work to get a book out, believe me. And this one is a jewel because of its subject matter. It is about a man that knew how to live when the chips were down. Many of you have already read it, but if you haven’t experienced Peter’s version of heaven, it is contained in the book.

He loved to juggle cats, he told me in an email once. He always had from one to three cats in his near vicinity. Alex, his favorite, was a black and white one that perched on his chest. Being ill, Peter could not ramble very far without falling down. And every time he fell, he enjoyed the scenery while he was in a horizontal position. What a guy. What an enlightened being in a wreck of a body. And as he said he was “a handsome man, a manly man.”

Oh, how I loved him. Sprawling on the lawn watching the robins run, he had no need of further spiritual instruction. His cats wrote the book for him. And it more than likely only said “purr.” As someone said about Peter, “He spends a lot of time sitting outside near some tall trees. When we ask him what he is doing, he just says ‘nothing’ and smiles.”

Like the little bird in the photo, Peter sang a brave song, one filled with abandon and acceptance. His was a wild ride among the stars and the tall grasses. I would love to know what he is doing in heaven now.

His teachings are hidden in the book, as I have said before. They are too simple for most people to be interested in. One has to be dying to truly learn how to live. This dying is not necessarily of the body, either. Peter had died to his idea of what heaven was like; therefore he experienced the rapture of not knowing. His wisdom is hidden in plain sight, as I said. Let me know if you feel it as you read his timeless words. Here is the link to order it.

This is the Kindle version if you want to get it ASAP.


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