An Oasis of Love

Here is an interesting question to explore. “Where is my oasis in any situation?” It is generally an energetic solution for what may be draining you, so look within yourself as you read. Are these words already awakening you to your own renewal?

There are some people who are oasis-keepers for us, but they are only stand-ins and reminders of the inner wellspring. I can think of one of mine right now. A man that laughs in a loving way, whose eyes sparkle and whose unspoken connection to all of life is liberating for those that connect with him. Hmmmm…..I bet he is just being a mirror for me.

But ultimately we are our own oasis. In the situation of my grief, the oasis for me is always there. I just forget to go there. Grief wipes out the memory of better days; it smudges the clear surface of who we are. I have a small bottle of fluid that cleans all of my computer screens. It is the awareness of them being smeary that reminds me I can use the fluid to clean the screen. Perhaps human tears are God’s way of cleaning our hearts so we might see things more clearly.

So a good cry is medicinal; it allows us to start all over again. Anyone who is grieving must go to the oasis more often than others. We all have different rhythms. We meet each other within the spirals of our life. If you see someone who is happy and you are sad, you can still pour out a tear of sorrow or gladness for them to drink.

If we are feeling negative, the oasis of the Work reassures you that there is a way out. You must not seek to be positive; you must simply know that you are negative. This is an alchemical awareness that always works.

During the holidays, we are hypnotized by the allure of Hallmark Card Happiness, which doesn’t exist. We become elfin sleepwalkers, disturbing others with our jingle-bell jive of ho ho ho. My friend Peter had a genuine “ho ho” that he shared with me and many others. He had little money and little energy, so his oasis was as big as the sky. It was himself that he experienced as the source of his joy.

If you haven’t read Bigger Than The Sky, I think you would find it to be an oasis of truth in a bewildering world. It is a small book that empowers you to find your own wellspring of joy. Even though Peter is gone, he left me an oasis of wisdom. It is only a step away; that is the good part. A look within, a conscious sigh, and self-realization shines like the sun. The waters ripple and you drink.

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