The Day After Thanksgiving

The day after Thanksgiving is cold and I have stayed indoors. Leaving Facebook isn’t easy because I have made good friends there. That isn’t why I am leaving. I am going because I need to be clearer about where my writing will take me next. I am not fond of going new places. You can take that as a metaphor because it is.

The older I get, the more I cherish safety and that is not always good for a writer. What I hope to encourage in myself is a deeper sense of light-heartedness. Not humor but a spirit that can lighten up and see how simple life can be.

My favorite doctor is retiring next month and I have to choose a new one. Things like that are scary. I love the one I have so much and now I will have to get used to a new one. My health is good, so I won’t have to go but twice a year. And there are medical plans to review (how confusing is that?)

I want to write another book and I am tempted to explore around the topic of the afterlife. Let’s face it, this life and that one blend at some point. I believe there are many people who have beloveds who are no longer in the spirit. I might be the one to write a little book about that.

So y’all come back soon.


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