I Agree


When there is a flap about something in the world, look to your inner world. For it is there you will find answers. If you don’t trust yourself, who can you trust?

Inside each of us is the inevitable connection to God. We are His DNA.

We do not need the evidence presented in trial. It did Jesus no good to have the world go that route. He knew Who His Father was.

We cannot look to the mirror of the world to see ourselves a minute longer. We are God incarnate.

My child’s gravemarker says “Christ in you the hope of glory.” Amen.

The snow mass covering the United States is a psychological one as well. I feel it in my bones.

We should all be on our knees praying for mercy to remember who we are. And as some wise man said, “The soul is a knowing substance.”

Our souls know how to dance in the midst of frigidity, fragility and intolerance. They do not have to be taught from an Arthur Murray Studio.

God does not always agree with what we human beings do. But we must always agree with Him.


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