I, Now Silent

Pair of Tree Swallows
I, Now Silent

For Peter

I don’t see you anywhere.
You’ve left the ground,
are in mid-air.
Your blossoms
open everywhere.
And I, now silent,
lose my care.

We are eternally aligned with the ever present God within. This morning before light, I heard the owls hooting somewhere in the neighborhood. I remembered a dark dream I had last night. I had forgotten my daughter’s birthday. The guilt was great. I lay there feeling as if it had really happened. She was brave, going to school after having dressed herself and found herself a cake. I told my mother I had to go and get her cake and some gifts and I woke up filled with remorse.

This is how the psyche works. And then I somehow entered the still point and was able to release the past.

Perhaps this is my gift. Having suffered so severely for so long, I know how to get to the point of release. Not always, but when I do, guilt gives way to grace. For I fall short of the mark every day of my life. So do we all.

I don’t care how many nondualists claim to be awake, they fall asleep because they are human. Only the broken ones among us can be healed and not by their own hand.

The teachings are only valuable up to a point. And then they must disappear so we can know what lies beyond them.

I invite you to make this discovery for yourself again and again and again.

Vicki Woodyard

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