The Universe Dropped In Today

The universe and I always wear matching outfits. You think I’m kidding but I’m dead serious. I don’t know who sends the memo, but we all get it. Like if God gets up in the morning and feels like wearing pink, so do I. And if I want to go back to bed, so does He. It is truly an amazing life. And love is so obvious in this “one disguise fits all.” It is much, much better than

God is in love with His Creation and He has a fabulous sense of humor. He dresses up pigs in snouts and makes them say “Oink, oink.” He had to be laughing when He did that one. He lets people invent things, too. He must have laughed when the first joker sat on a mechanical bull. Or when the first fake snake jumped out of a can of peanuts.

Of course, I could talk about rainbows and puppies and stuff, but God has underlined the cutest stuff. (He also makes them poop all over people and cry a lot.) Balance is the order of the universe and no one is exempt from taking their share of pratfalls.

God has many imitators, almost as many as Elvis. They stand behind pulpits and on orange crates. They star in movies and do guest appearances on TV. The funny thing is that God hires these people because He can’t be everywhere at once. Sometimes God is in the Can. (I am tittering.)

God has made me a writer and He knows I like to get attention by saying things like that. He often uses me to put words together and post them to remind people that nothing ever doesn’t match. The universe is step by step by step with you. You can waddle like a duck or wear your panties on your head. The universe is doing it right along with you.

So why am I writing this essay? Because it is that magic time of day, between 3 and 4 p.m. Everyone is winding down their work day or their play day and I am just a diversionary tactic for you. If you look out the window, you will see God passing by or maybe He is in your house. If you don’t know whether He is or not, look in the mirror. He is wearing the same thing you are. Only you look better in it.


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