Angels are waiting for you….

Sometimes you wake up
and it is still night
in your heart even though
the day has broken,
so has your ambition
to overcome the world.

A dull thud of failure
like yesterday’s paper
lands on the doorstep
of your life.

You have no appetite
for gloom and doom
in the outer world.
It is already within
the habitation of the heart.

What to do?
There are always coupons
to clip and reasons to scurry
through the mall with a bag
of bargains but let us leave
that for another life.

Rumi comes to mind and
kissing is not an
acceptable coupon at the
Clinique Counter.
Go up another level where
angels are waiting for you.
Within you never go without.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Your keen use of metaphor and sense of humor shine brightly in this poem, Vicki…and, at the same time gives glimpses of the ineffable that is our true nature. Thanks.


  2. This one has a familiarity to it…I can sort of recognize that face you mention now and again…the one before I was born.


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