A new and open road….

Oct. 6, 2014

I met Mary Anne Edwards, the author of A Good Girl, for lunch at a Japanese restaurant today. When I got out of my car, I saw a penny turned heads up right beside the car. Bernie Siegel says those are pennies from heaven, so I looked up in gratitude.

Mary Anne and I both have new books out. We met in line at the supermarket. I heard her telling the cashier about her book and so I struck up a conversation with her. Now we’ve had lunch together 3 times.

Today we talked about food and writing. It’s a tossup as to whether we like to eat or write more! I told her I wasn’t into marketing this book; it just didn’t seem to work for me.

You see, a good friend of mine suggested I give the book to higher forces and let them deliver it to the right people at the right time. Sounds like a plan….

I drove home under an October sky, proud of myself for having made a new friend. I told her that although I had been to hell and back when I lost my child and spouse, I still had some business to do. As I put it, “I built a wall after my daughter died and now I am dismantling it bit by bit. Letting myself be vulnerable, letting myself make new friends.”

And so it goes,


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