The Enlightened “I”

Peter lost his “i” and became the enlightened “I.” in other words, he lost his egocentric feeling of himself and was awash in his Real Identity as the Self. This is something that unfolds as grace, even though one goes through hell along the way to heaven.

Peter’s hell was his accident and the resultant strokes. Mine was the loss of child and mate. But consider this. We were both primed for self-discovery. We had been on the path, wanting to experience the fulfillment of it. Neither of us had quite gotten there yet. But Peter drew a card that said “Wake up now!” and so he did.

At the time our messages to each other began, he had realized who he was. I had not. So he held my hand through several years of Bob’s illness and death. He comforted me by his simplicity and true interest in my condition.

Many years have passed and yet he is still with me. I may never know what he did but I can love as he did. Anyone can do that.

Perhaps the only message an awakened soul has to give is their presence. As Gandhi said, “My life is my message.

I have fully accepted that writing is my Get Out Of Jail Card. I love knowing that I can type Peter right back into existence. I feel the full power of his presence as my fingers do the walking. He is smiling because I am writing and I am writing because he is smiling. What could be better than that?

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