Yep, I’m Alone

What? Are you bat shit crazy? Believing that the next satsang will do it for you. Who are you and what will it do? You, my friend, are a snowflake. Doomed to be uniquely beautiful and unfortunately, to melt. But first you get to be in a pile of black ugly slush. Cool.

It is the black ugly slush part that makes you beautiful.

Yeah, falling down and going boom is called “life.”

Who told you it was gonna be a walk in the park and that you could drop in on satsangs and “get it.” Who is there to get it and what is there to get?

It is the confusion that builds your character.

Life begets death and vice versa. Technology be damned. Getting a tablet won’t change a thing.

To speak for myself, I am doomed. And the carrot that is dangled in front of me always looks like the best thing I have ever seen. I am stupid. Being fed someone else’s food won’t make me grow.

Being stupid is how we become wise. And wisdom is never found in human beings. Ever.

The idea that others can feed you is a mirage. Get off your imaginary camel and wake up. No one but you can become sane.

Now get outa here before I have to call the shepherd in to thin the herd.

Vicki Woodyard

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