For the Blog

Dear Friends,

Welcome to my blog. I post on Facebook but am trying to do that less and less. Why? Because I get too dependent on what people say about my writing. This can be a very bad thing for writers.

I am first and foremost someone who writes from spirit and let’s face it, Facebook goes easily into personality and ego. Anyone who doesn’t see that is crazy.

So here I am on my own turf, so to speak. Willing to say what comes to heart and mind without seeing how many “Likes” I get.

There is a living truth that no ego can ever own. It is this I seek when I write.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven,” as Jesus put it.

Heaven, for me, is being truly at one with myself.

If I am not, no one else can be!

I have a new book out that consists of intimate email conversations with my late friend Peter.

His simple take on life breathes life into the book. I hope you will order a copy from amazon. At this point I am not mailing them out personally, so that is the best way to go.


Comments welcomed....