The Great Unknowing

Wine of Words

The Great Undoing arises from the Great Unknowing. Okay, so spirit wanted me to write those words down. I don’t know “why.” Perfect! For I have (and am) in a Royal Funk. Please note the use of capitals, which represent desperation.

The great student has become the one sitting in the corner with the dunce cap. Huh, wha, whozzit? whazzit? Duh.

I wrote a small volume of conversations between me and a man called Peter.

Peter had come undone, as some song says.

He ran naked across the fields of now.

Well, not literally, but figuratively.

His mind ran naked as well.

His spirit body was clothed in light.

It is this that I speak of in my new book, Bigger Than The Sky. Okay, there was a glitch and it won’t show up in paperback on for several more days.

In the meantime, I am being undone. The grave clothes being unwound.


Vicki Woodyard

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