Getting a book out into the world is a lengthy journey. So now I am sitting back in contemplation-mode. September is a third of the way gone. Imagine that! The front yard is bare. Soon Grant will come and aerate and put out new grass seed. The river birches and tulip poplars will shed their leaves. And I will eat anything with pumpkin in it.

I am waiting for the paperback to be on amazon. That should happen this week. If any of you are kind enough to order it, please consider writing a review. Word of mouth is how the book will sell. So don’t be shy. And if you prefer an ebook, it is available now.

Peter said so many wise things to so many people. What he knew, with every fiber of his being, was that everything was going in the only direction it possibly could. So he became flow itself. That way, our conversations grew so gracefully that they became a book.

I am honored to be able to share him in Bigger Than The Sky.


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