Getting Offstage….

At this point I have to get offstage. If you are wondering what that means, so am I. I remember Vernon Howard saying that we have to get rid of the showcase personality. We all intuit what that means to us individually.

I have written a beautiful book, Bigger Than The Sky. It is a best-seller. How can I say that? Because today’s paper had an article about a cancer survivor. He was touring with his book and said it was a best-seller. The criterion? “If it changes one person’s life, it is a best-seller,” he said.

Eureka. Bigger Than The Sky changed my life. Therefore I can get offstage and let the book go where it will. It will always be a best-seller, no matter how many copies it sells.

Facebook is eating my face, the one I had before I was born.

The only thing to do is post my work here. Please subscribe to the blog. That way we remain friends and we can have a more intimate connection than on Facebook.

Not that we will be best friends, but that the silence between us will invoke something higher than words.

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