Sitting at the bank….

Sitting at the bank
The tote bag full of guilt and shame
is self-embroidered with my name.
In red and black it takes me back
to where I always have a lack.

I vow to put it at the curb
and vow that I’ll not be disturbed
about my sins so rich when I
acted like a selfish bitch.

A man comes by; I give a sigh.
He looks at me and says
Please try to put it in the river
or else you’ll carry it forever.

And with his smile
I walk a mile and toss it in.
The tao’s a handy rubbish bin.

The sun aflame
I wonder how I’ll manage
with a brand new name.
A white stone carrying my I.D.
that says I am no longer “me.”

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Doing a bit of research after I wrote the poem. Some esoteric source says that the white stone is your mission. That one thing that only you can do.


    1. The white stone carrying my ID, put me in mind of a marble headstone signifying the ending of one life and the beginning of life in a new direction minus the guilt and shame~ A poem full of meaning~ Lovely Vicki


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