Leaving Facebook

I have left Facebook, at least for now. I keep hemming and hawing about it. But for now….

I sit in the silence thinking of Ramana Maharshi’s words, “One cannot see these places unless it is destined.”

Destiny means that if you want to travel to a certain place, you cannot, unless you are destined. And if you are not, no power on earth can get you there. In other words, surrender to your destiny is the highest form of prayer.

My third book, Bigger Than The Sky, will be out on September 5. It is a beautiful and moving book, if I do say so myself. I can say that because it was my destiny to become friends with a man named Peter.

The book is about my online connection with him. His openness led to that field beyond right and wrong about which Rumi speaks.

I hope you know that I am always available to you in silence.



  1. You have to do what you need to, to take the best care of you that you can! That said, I’ve loved seeing your posts on that book of faces! I’m not in my email so often any more… So, I’ll have to be sure to look at my email folder, for you! Blessings my dear!


  2. Good decison, I’m putting my toes in the same water. Excited about your new book! May it find its way to everyone with ease and grace. Meet you in silence… Blessings!


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