Don’t Forget Your Hat


This chat is off the cuff, off the radar, off the charts private. Keep it under your hat. I like it that you wear a hat, by the way. Leonard C. always wears one.

Here’s the deal. No one reaches full potential until they die. Not only that, no one appreciates them until they do. I am speaking of both literal and psychological death. “The price of kissing is your life.”

I make no secret that I miss Papa Jeff in my life, as so many of you do. But he went quickly into the Absolute. Pretty neat trick. And now that he has rejoined the stars, his work catches fire.

It’s lonely in my life despite my many Facebook Friends. I suffered the domino effect of death. The daughter fell and then the spouse. Now I have a quiet house. Quiet am I like a mouse. Snuck some verse in on ya. Wanna cookie?

Things come and go. People come and go. You’ll leave and probably forget your hat. If you do, that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. It just means you forgot your hat. See, that’s the thing about death. You can’t come back for your hat.


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