Change is coming….

This morning I got a stronger prescription for my glasses and the world suddenly seems drunk! I look out with a wobbly eye straining for balance. I often feel that way emotionally, as if it can’t be me that is wrong. But oh, yes, it can be. Oh, yes, it can.

For the world is only a reflection of who and where we are. To write this, I find myself leaning into the screen as if to clarify the pixels. I feel pixilated. But nothing happens without some sort of inner resistance.

Brugh Joy, in Joy’s Way, writes about a woman who heard a voice saying, “Make no judgements. Make no comparisons. Delete the need to understand.” I love that.

The dog barks. I hear it. I don’t resist it. It is his nature to bark.

Ordinary life at times feels boring, the same old same old. But a new pair of glasses, meant to help you see more clearly, at first makes you dizzy.

Change is good. Resistance is bad. (Is Tarzan getting ready to say “Fire, bad!”?

New glasses, good! Resistance, bad!

Something good is about to happen for me. My book, Bigger Than The Sky is going to be published by Non-Duality Press this fall. I am so excited. Stay tuned….



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