Mystery Meat….

For me, this is Tai Chi Tuesday, my big social day of the week. And often Wednesday is Cry Chi. The reason I call it this is that energy moves around a lot in Tai Chi and the bad energy says ‘buh bye.” And so on Wednesdays, I ofen cry.

Heck, I went for years without crying much and now I do it almost daily. In a nutshell, I am crying for Bob. Not so much for his absence as for the presence of such a love. There is a fine line, of course, between mortal and immortal love. No human being can live either one purely. It remains mystery meat in the daily cafe of life.

Mystery meat has a bad connotation, but in reality, tears soften whatever feels inedible to the ego. The ego always goes for the prime rib, the caviar and champagne of emotions. Sadly, few can afford them or receive them. I am quite happy with a peaceful serving of whatever God dishes out. And yes, He does wear a hairnet!

My life is sans Facebook much of the time since June. I am studying my addiction to it. Apparently, being on Facebook is a pacifier of sorts. But there’s no real meat to it. There I go again, with the food reference.

“I am that bread that came down from heaven. I have meat to eat ye know not of.” So spoke the Master Jesus.

Let’s leave it at that. I think we are all on the same page and it is in the Bible. Facebook is not quite the same thing.


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