Who knew?

July. Not my favorite month. Having to return some shoes that didn’t work right for me, I got to go to Trader Joe’s again since it is next to the shoe store. I wish there was one near my house. Traffic was awful and I was happy to get home safely.

My inner work is about witnessing where I am. Not on a map but inside my crazy head. I not only need walking shoes, I need leather to cover my own feet, as Mr. Gurdjieff said. No one can wake up for anyone else and that is a simple fact.

There are so many yoyo’s on Youtube that someone should start one called YoYoTube. I would avoid it like the plague. I am not wired to listen to those telling me how awake they are. And that for a price they can awaken you. I prefer a bag of chips from Trader Joe’s, thank you very much.

“Enlightenment. All that and a bag of chips.” Great idea for a book title. But who would buy it? “Who am I” is a question hammered out in silence and in hardship. No one wrestles this question to the ground easily, in my opinion.

I didn’t sink my teeth into the question until it had been bandied about for thousands of years. And by the best minds out there. Turns out it has nothing to do with the mind. Who knew?

Vicki Woodyard


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