The Privacy of Blogging

Blogging is a quieter activity for me than Facebook. I am spending less time online. And I can bypass the pressure to check status updates from people I barely know. If you visit the blog, it feels different in some sense.

Today was quiet. I went to the grocery and made a wonderful beef stew for dinner. Put a spinach salad with it and it was so good. Yesterday we had a wonderful meal before Tai Chi. Soup and sandwiches, cookies and fancy bottled teas. Cate is going to be leading Tai Chi classes twice a week at Cancer Wellness now, but I doubt I will go but once.

I am reading another book by Ann Patchett. I enjoyed Truth and Beauty by her so much. Being a southern writer, I identify with her. The title of this book is This Is The Story Of A Happy Marriage.

I had an average marriage with an extraordinary man. And what I mean by that is….our essences were wonderful together but our personalities clashed just like everyone else’s. He was faithful but was as married to his job as he was to me. When he lost it (forced to take early retirement), he was never quite the same. That may have triggered his illness. Who knows? These days I am melting in another puddle of grief. I miss him so much.

Shoes are a poor substitute but I am having foot trouble. To that end, I have become obsessed with finding comfortable shoes. I dread the 4th of July. Not much to do but eat and watch TV and walk.

Spirituality is often a remote concept for the ego. Ego was born to strut its stuff, essentially. And God isn’t that into egotism. I am smiling through my tears. I love writing so do come back. And tell your Facebook Friends I am here behind the veil.



  1. Vicki, I hope that I am one of those friends you won’t mind hearing from here. I am not on FB AS MUCH EITHER. I enjoy my pages ….because they are “me” . I post what I like. NOT REALLY caring if anyone else likes them.
    That is not totally true. I LOVED GOING FROM 7,000 LIKES TO 10K ALMOST OVER NIGHT.
    I enjoyed your” I had an average marriage with an extraordinary man.”
    Danny is an extraordinary man with huge flaws. We were so CLOSE. SO EVERYTHING FOR A FEW YEARS.
    Now we are facing all the problems we/ I needed to.
    There. Is much more I could say. This post (like so many others ) touch me where the emptiness is.
    Have a gentle 4th. Love sarah


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