Do Nothing

Do Nothing

Do nothing but be. Be nothing. Do nothing. Have nothing. Have a good cry. I did. Ponder emptiness. I am. Don’t hurry through the process.

Isolate yourself as much as you can. Enter the dark woods. It’s okay to cry.

Watch people acting crazy.

Feel the gut-wrenching grief.

Feel the rage.

Feel the desertion.

Who is coming to save you from yourself?

No one.

I have been watching myself cry. Does no good but I cry anyway.

I fit in nowhere but now here.

Bats are flying out of the cave into the light.

I am feeling suddenly better.

Not as batty.

I could cut and paste a bunch of sayings of enlightened people here, but I wouldn’t insult them by doing that.

I have my own Self presently occupying this body/mind.

In her rage and grief, she is present and powerful. She is what she is.

The echo of eternity, what does it sound like? The arms of God. How do they feel?

Since I don’t know, I must stay with the unknowing. How long will it take? My God, how long will it take?

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Thanks for reading and responding. I am eating banana taffy and reading a book by Anne Patchett. I recently read Truth and Beauty by her and found it fascinating.


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