The Way of Awakening

The way of awakening is mostly within. Mostly slow. Mostly a matter of commitment for a lifetime.

My teacher has been gone now since 1992. His teachings uphold my life in one way or another. They leave little wiggle room and when you take it, it generally only sets you back.

Everything is paradoxical and tests are always being given to show you where you are needing to start all over again. The basics cannot be underestimated.

Irony is built into truth. Pixies don’t help much when you are barking your shins against the Tree of Life.

Laughter is a gift and anyone who gives it is a treasure.

The rare few who can love you with the twinkle in their eye are to be treasured.

It’s Friday afternoon and the main thing for me to communicate is “Don’t think you are in charge.”

Someone somewhere is winking at you, wiping away your tears and seeding simplicity where you least expect it.

Maybe it is you, yourself. Makes sense. And whatever makes sense IS.



  1. Boy, can I rest in this Vicki. Feeling ‘lost’ in the paradoxes, the teachings, the awakenings with bloody shins. Perfect as it is.


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