Healing Beyond Words

There are several reasons that I am taking a break from Facebook. One is that I am essentially a still point healer. I know how to get to the stillness long enough to get in touch with the Self that we all are.

Joel Goldsmith was probably the biggest proponent of this kind of healing. It doesn’t take long. You simple sit and breathe in and out and let go of thought.

What happens next is not up to you, for you have been left outside in the anteroom and have entered the holy of holies.

While it is tempting for me to be on Facebook most of the day, it is ultimately destructive of my energy. And people often make comments that are utterly useless. Joking is fun and I love doing it, but truth to tell, it takes energy from the essence.

The essence is where we live and move and have our being.

So the wheat gets separated from the chaff.

I am happy that some of you are finding meaning in my blog posts.

If you want to request that I hold you at the still point, just let me know.

I do not heal physical ailments; I just act as a conduit for certain energies. I don’t discuss them because they are beyond words.



  1. Vicki, if you wouldn’t mind, would you hold me in the still point? I could use the help energetically. Thank you so much.


  2. a still point healer” had to search this phrase..i do love this phrase it is a VICKISM..isn’t it? i DO know this to be fact..and it is deep..stillnessness of the healing kind..where healing begins when the whoosh goes hush…


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