The Name

Today there is nothing new to say. All has been said. Perhaps a bit of poetry will do.

Is anything true?
I am asking you to
simply not lie.

Yes, you may say,
some things are true.
But do they matter?

Some are mad as a hatter
and they can only natter.

Who turns up when the
chips are down?
A hero or a clown?

The diversion is just the same.
Helping us to forget the Name.

Vicki Woodyard

One Comment

  1. I read one of your stanzas as:
    “Who turns up when the
    chimps are down?
    A hero or a clown?”

    and had a vision of all these chimps coming down from the trees and running yipping
    and screaming towards me. In a friendly manner, by the way. I guess the clown turned up!


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