The Healing Heart

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June 10, 2014

Closing the heart is easy. You just hang a sign out that says CLOSED and people go away. Isn’t that what you want?

My friend T. told me to close up shop online for a while in order to seal myself back up. But that is not at all what he meant. He intended for just the opposite to happen.

Words are useless at a certain point on the path. The intellect overflows with well-intended but useless data.

At one point I was a reed pipe. But then I burst open and my heart spilt out everywhere.

Now it is up to me to recondition the equipment given me by my Higher Power.

How will there be healing?

Juicy questions arise out of our dry inner landscape.

I am tired of opening my heart like a vein in order to feed people who are not necessarily hungry.

Shame on me for doing that.

I stand on the edge of a cliff; but so do you.

No one is safe from God.

His Heart is never closed.

Who knows what will happen next?



  1. Thank you dear Vicki for this beautiful Note! What I do when I feel overwhelmed is to leave in God’s hands my life, and there is peace in my heart! I know He always hears my little problems and take care of them. So I forget all about them, and just trust God! I always thank Him for my life and the lessons He has taught me! Love and Gratitude to you my dear friend!


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