My Own Self

I have left Facebook. I have also left Yes, my books are for sale there, but I have stopped looking at their sales rankings. You see, I am being a scientist of the invisible, as someone was called long ago.

Long before Facebook and amazon and Yahoo lists, long before online trolls manifested in full force, I was on the spiritual path. Little did I know I was choiceless in the matter. Marked out for a lifetime of being thrown repeatedly into the fire.

But studying the energetic results of me being on Facebook, I am forced to see that it has done me no good at all. In fact, it has harmed me more than once. It attracts the lowest common denominator. Oh, yes, there are wonderful people “there.” But that is not my concern. At the edges of my consciousness, there will always be agitators, naysayers, arguers, etc. And on Facebook, one cannot avoid them.

So here I am, back on my own website. It still needs fixing and I am getting help with that. Right now I am emotionally out of whack and resetting myself on every level.

My friend T. speaks of my need to have a veil between my private life and the outer world. These words I write are it.

My home is quiet and I often feel lonely and isolated in it. For in suburbia no one really connects. We may run into each other in warm weather and exchange chat, but it isn’t real. I have my feelers out for a place to move where I could enjoy the company of friends in kirtan.

Other than tai chi and kirtan, I don’t hang out with anyone. The silence is fruitful for my inner work.

I want you to feel at home here, although it is just a place for me to come and write without expectations of success. That is what drags me down energetically. Expectations.

Here I can be no one but someone writing on their blog.

Comments welcomed....