It’s Raining Roses

pantheonroses1Let the world crucify you. That is its job. It has taken me a lifetime of suffering to be able to write sentences like that. And the quicker you leave me, the faster I will grow.

Facebook can have you.

Wow, it feels good to say that.

I remember my friend Peter and I hanging out while God was doing His number on us. We laughed as the sledge hammer repeatedly came down on our poor heads. Okay, I cried more than I laughed, but our friendship was so very, very sweet.

I am going through a very hard place in my life. I don’t know why. My friend T. had a vision of me standing in the cold rain at night. And I said that I was both vulnerable and indomitable. And that when those two forces came together, it might rain roses.

And so I lay down to rest and those words came to me. “Let the world crucify you. That is its job.” And so here they are for you to read.

Go ahead and hate me. The bad energy will be on your head, not mine.

And if you love me, ponder the words because they are true.

Strip off the false personality of people and they will bare their teeth at you.

Flatter them and they will flatter you back.

And so life happens while we are trying to outmaneuver it.

I love you all. But I am tired of bullshitting you.



  1. Once the world has crucified you, it’s possible to let it all go. Maybe, play my part in peace. The drama in life no longer feels the same. It’s more like watching it being portrayed on a television show. Maybe…


  2. And if you love me, ponder the words because they are true.” I have noticed this…you know how to cut through the bullshit with a fine sieve…thank-you dear Vicki~ 🙂 <3


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