The Ego’s Needs

I got up this morning having had a sexual dream. Wow. Where did that come from? Not only that, it was about Adam Sandler! Dreaming of being with a comedian means letting go of being overly serious. Experiencing the letting go that laughter brings.

I had a waffle and tea and read the paper. Then I sat to meditate. Introductory words for me are, “I am in God’s presence now. Lord Jesus Christ have mercy. I vow to relieve the suffering of all sentient beings.” Silence and energy flow into the heart and one rests at the still point.

This occurred to me. “The ego’s needs do not have to be met.” In other words, dear mind, shut the heck up! My mind wants so much that is unattainable and yet it cries out for fulfillment.

“I wish my hair would behave. I am afraid to be rejected. I want to sell the house. I fear selling the house. Does anyone love me?”

It drones on repetitively and nothing ever changes and it, poor mechanical thing, doesn’t even know. It just natters on endlessly about things that don’t matter.

So the Jesus prayer is repetitive as well. And yet it brings in the fullness of peace. So repetition can be positive.

I often think of Ramana Maharshi and how, if he had a true need, it would be met without him having to voice it. If he needed a cooking pan, suddenly everyone would be offering him one. If he needed a laxative, he was showered with them.

Also, when I think of traveling, I remember him saying, “One cannot see these places unless it is destined.”

Destiny is the strongest force in the universe. May we all know this and be free of our ego’s incessant plans to drive the car of the universe in a victory lap.



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