The Bottom Line About Vernon Howard

This is part of an email conversation between someone I will call K. and myself.

K.: You led me to reconsider Vernon Howard, whom I had dismissed as a lightweight angry man after reading some of his work and listening to his lectures. Because of your integrity and the respect that you inspire in your readers, I reconsidered him, and realized he was a representative of the Gurdjieff teachings, as well as giving his own take on those teachings, and my life has been enriched.

Vicki: Yes, he was/is one of the great teachers and no one has really acknowledged that. The reason is that he protected his work carefully by driving people away that would reduce it to “dreck.” What we are left with is the truth of our condition. So many lies told to the masses. 

I often go back and reflect further on a sentence or two of his.

Here are some I like:

“You have to see yourself saying, “I’ve done all this for God and man and where has it gotten me!”

“Go through your day experiencing every useless thought and emotion.”

“Work hard gathering energy when you have no problems.”

Thank you for the kind words about what I write. Everything else in my life is a waste of time.

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