Pennies From Heaven

Dear Ones,

I am in need of some angelic support. Having hired someone to work with me on a new and improved website, I ask for your support. Nothing big, but if you happen to enjoy my work, now’s the time to show your love by helping out financially.

I write daily and don’t get a dime for it. I don’t mind that, but it costs money to maintain a site and in this case, to hire help to create one that works better than the old one.

I want the site to be a place where people can read and rest a bit.

The vibes of this world are persistent and only conscious attention to our inner world can change it.

If you can donate, there is a PayPay button on my site. If you prefer to donate via snail
mail, just let me know.

As bookstores are being eradicated via, so are small writers like me being overlooked in favor of the famous.

Here is your chance to help out a small independent spiritual warrior. That would be me.



  1. UNDERSTOOD. Vicki, and the cheque’s in the mail…i don’t do online…worried about hackers…seriously hacked…so need PO Box # …and then we can do business…”how much for book cheque?” need new marketing plan…i have an idear…this is going to work~!!! Love your style and you are famous to me~!!! that’s all that matters…(yeah right i hear ya…) Vicki’s talent +++


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