Mmmmmm, Monday….

Monday morning rolls around with monotony. Mmmmmmm. Monday. Hmmmmm. A day to begin the week with new intentions. I went to Publix and got a second LED hand lantern for summer power outages.

I had been struggling with a WordPress sign-in glitch when miraculously I saw that the glitch had gone. A true hallelujah, since nothing is more frustrating than needing tech support and it not available.

God is rather like that. He designs us from rather particular plans but leaves us to work out the bugs in both the software and hardware.

For example, He puts seeds on some of our buns but not others. I’m just kidding. I bought a package of slider rolls with poppy seeds and they head right for my teeth, the table top, the floor and God knows where else. I will never buy them again. I don’t have enough time to be dealing with tiny black seeds everywhere I turn.

On a larger scale, I am quite grateful that God led me to kirtan. It isn’t the music that is the draw but the silence generated by the music. And I love being in the company of these dear people. Some chant, some play instruments, others—like me, just bask in the glow.

As a writer, I am alone too much. A good friend of mine has prescribed more social interaction for me. In real time. Not online. But I have to be here to write and feel the vibes of my readers. It is such a joy to let the flow of words come forth.

But I am leaving out the poppy seeds.


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