I Was You

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I didn’t know that I was You
when I was feeling low.
I didn’t know that You were me
when you came down below.

All names and forms are
in Your Arms
and we just do not know.
We travel with You into Hell
and enter dark night’s flow.

I didn’t know that You and I
were both in the same space.
Bewitched with separation,
I longed to see Your Face.

I didn’t see that peace was here
and You would not depart.
I longed to shed the veil I wore
that kept You from my heart.

You know it all and read these words
with open invitation
to come and sup with you and taste
the wine of liberation.

All things are One.
The dance begun.
One step and I am healed.
I now know that I am You
in mask that seems so real.

One in many, many in One.
The Father and His Only Son.
The Spirit and Its Only Daughter.
Bathed now in ever living water.

Vicki Woodyard


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